Sports Is A Complex Industry, Continually Growing As Consumers' Tastes, Attention And Spending Habits Change.

Sports Business Journal, the most trusted name in sports business, wanted to create a centralized, reliable data resource for professionals to navigate this lucrative industry. After years of in-depth market research, analysis and development, the perfect tool is now ready to help businesses forge smarter, data-fueled decisions, deals and partnerships.

Launched in 2020, SBJ Atlas is the solution to the sports business world’s ongoing and increasing data demands – a dynamic business intelligence service adapting to the evolving world of sports.

Meet Our Teammates

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View in-venue signage to develop sponsorship strategies and rightsize deals across major league sports.

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Utilize social audience intelligence and measure brand affinity to maximize your reach.

SBJ Atlas

Access weekly updated attendance numbers to identify the properties that reach the most fans.

SBJ Atlas

Discover the verified emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles for top-level executives across the sports landscape.