August 6, 2020

Virtual Signage Presents Unique Opportunity for Sponsors During NBA Restart

SBJ Atlas

After almost a week of hoops action from ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex, home court advantage has translated into opportunities for sponsors of the 22 teams competing in the NBA’s restart. Each team has served as the home team at least once, allowing all to present team partners through virtual signage on the court, in front of the bench, and along the sideline.

Twenty-one of 22 teams have used on-court and bench signage, with the Houston Rockets as the only team yet to leverage the locations. Most teams have featured at least one of their jersey patch and facility naming rights partners, providing these marquee sponsors with exposure missed during the long layoff. Ten teams have presented their jersey patch partner across one of the three team-owned assets. Fourteen teams positioned their facility naming rights partner on the court, while two teams featured their facility naming rights sponsor.

The brands occupying the virtual signage have varied between local and national partners. Brands with heavy involvement across the NBA – Lexus, Toyota, GEICO, AT&T, StubHub, Mountain Dew, and DraftKings – have been highlighted during the opening week of the restart. Despite a relatively small footprint across the NBA, brands such as American Home, Pinnacle, Memorial Hermann, Tangerine, Sweet James, and Continental Resources, also have invested in virtual signage.