May 14, 2021
SBJ Atlas Webinar

Title: “Preparing Students for a Data-Driven Industry”

Date: May 13, noon

Check out the SBJ Atlas webinar created for members of the Sports Business Journal “On Campus” College & University program. SBJ has been a classroom resource for students in our industry for many years and we continue to help sports management graduates arrive in the industry with the best foundation possible.

“Preparing Students for a Data-Driven Industry” will address a few topics:

  • The importance of data literacy for aspiring sports professionals
  • How to use real-world data to inform your coursework
  • Trends and best practices in developing your Fall curriculum

Panelists include:

— ROB DIGISI, Sports Management Professor at the Wharton School

— JEFF MOHL, Adjunct Instructor at NYU’s Robert Preston Tisch Institute for Global Sport