February 10, 2022

SBJ Atlas – February 10, 2022

SBJ Atlas

Twitter activity during playoffs a positive sign for SB

Recent data shows that the NFL is bouncing back from its pandemic social media lows, as engagement on Twitter showed outsized growth — tweets and impressions were up 45% on Championship Sunday compared to last season. “Sports have felt more normal. … We’re not out of the woods on the pandemic but life feels a little bit more manageable right now and so (fans) are going to spend a little bit more time watching the game and tweeting about it,” said Twitter Next Senior Dir  Ryan Oliver . “The TV ratings are up and that’s certainly consistent with what we’ve seen on Twitter.”


So far this postseason, unique authors were up almost 40%, and impressions are up nearly 60% compared to last year. One reason for the growth is the explosion of gambling information on Twitter, particularly micro-betting. “People always want guidance as well, and so you have a lot of people on there who have pretty significant follower bases who are just making picks and telling you why they like a certain team or like a certain bet and there’s not a better place to do that given our real-time nature than the Twitter.”

Head-to-head: Examining Rams, Bengals data points

Despite the stark differences in the L.A. and Cincinnati markets ahead of Super Bowl LVI, the Bengals and Rams share six sponsors (Anheuser-Busch, Bose, Bridgestone, Gatorade, Microsoftand Gatorade). Growing their follower base 27% combined across Instagram and Twitter this season, the Bengals hold sponsorships with many local brands, owning official partnerships with the top three companies for the team in terms of brand affinity on Twitter. This local partnership strategy is accentuated when looking at their top in-venue asset partners — again relatively local brands. This strategy contrasts sharply with the national brands prominently featured by the Rams.

Poll: Rams gaining foothold as L.A.'s most popular pro football team

An L.A. Times/SurveyMonkey poll showed the Rams are the “most popular pro football team in L.A.,” confirming Rams COO Kevin Demoff’s “anecdotal intuition — the Rams appear to have taken over L.A., yet there is plenty of work to do,” according to J. Brady McCollough of the L.A. TIMES. The poll, conducted Feb. 1-7 among a national sample of 7,590 adults, including 1,659 Californians and 743 people who live in the greater L.A. Area, had 26% of L.A.-area residents “choosing the Rams as their favorite team.” The Chargers “have more work to do,” with 5% of those polled calling the 49ers, Cowboys, Raiders or Chargers their “favorite team.” There is a “big enough gap between the Rams and their competitors to know something tangible has been accomplished” along the team’s road to Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI against the Bengals. Demoff said, “For this next generation, to have a chance for the Los Angeles Rams to win our first Super Bowl in Los Angeles, to win the first Super Bowl (by a team located) in Los Angeles in 40 years, is a tremendous opportunity. … It would be a game-changer, obviously.” He added, “Whether we win or lose this game is not (the only thing that is) going to grow the next generation. It’s going to be playing this way year after year, having SoFi Stadium host events like this year after year, and really using the power of the NFL and the power of the Rams in unison” ( L.A. TIMES, 2/9 ).


NOT WON OVER YET : Pro Football HOFer and former Rams RB Eric Dickerson yesterday said that the team “still has a ways to go to win over the city.” USA TODAY’s Jordan Mendoza notes SoFi Stadium has “gained a reputation for having more away fans than home fans.” Dickerson explained that the team has to “build back the bridge” it “once had with the city.” Dickerson: “We’re trying to build that fan base back up, and I don’t think we’ll have a problem doing it. I mean because right now, I’ll just say it: This is a Raider town. Los Angeles is a Raider town.” Despite not having the full city support, Dickerson said that the Rams winning a Super Bowl “would help align them alongside other Los Angeles pro teams” ( USA TODAY, 2/9 ).