September 25, 2020

Estimated Exposure Value Lost by In-Venue Sponsors

nfl stadium at night

Without fans in attendance, sponsors are missing the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of fans to view their branding during the season. The figures below estimate the in-venue exposure value lost by a sponsor occupying four marquee assets during the 2020 season compared to last season. Factors contributing to these estimates include:

  • Market CPM (Cost per Impression)
  • 2019 Attendance
  • Sponsorship Asset Size
  • Sponsorship Asset Quantity
  • Sponsorship Asset Visibility
  • Estimated Fan Exposure

With rest-of-season plans for attendance still undecided, value earned by in-venue sponsors has the potential to fluctuate by tens of thousands of dollars depending on when doors are opened to the public. Using the toggles below, you can experiment with different scenarios and observe the potential impact on sponsors:

  • Capacity %: Manipulate the percentage of each stadium that will be occupied by fans
  • Number of Games: Manipulate the number of games that will experience your selected capacity

The figures below are intended to be estimates of in-venue value earned by one sponsor occupying the indicated asset. The included assets were chosen due to their prevalence across the league. They are defined as follows:

  • Billboard: Large signage around top of stadium/flanking scoreboard
  • Naming Rights: Large signage displaying venue name located outside the stadium
  • Ribbonboard: LED signage separating the various stadium levels
  • Tunnel Cover: Signage located on top of the tunnel where players access the field

Example: If 50% capacity is allowed for three games, the average scoreboard sponsor for the Arizona Cardinals is estimated to lose $22,042 in exposure value compared to 2019.

Estimated Exposure Value Lost by In-Venue Sponsors

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  • Estimates calculated by SportsAtlas. Values do not represent the value paid for signage. Values dependent on various assumptions made by SportsAtlas team.
  • CPMs sourced from Clear Channel Outdoor. When a market’s CPM was unavailable, the CPM was estimated using the average of other markets in the same region.