May 28, 2020

New NFL Team Jerseys Vie for Most Fan Engagement on Twitter

SBJ Atlas

The Falcons and Chargers reigned supreme on social media over the seven NFL franchises that released new uniforms during the 2020 offseason. According to Twitter data from Zoomph, the Falcons garnered more engagement than any other team, despite having to move their respective jersey release day up due to a uniform leak, with 23M in combined owned posts (made by the official team account) and earned posts (not made by the official team account). The Falcons also engaged more fans on Twitter than any other team in total owned posts with 10.3M, comfortably edging out the Chargers by 1.5M. The Chargers, however, amassed more engagements with their announcement post than any other organization, with 2.6M for that one post alone. Surprisingly, the team’s posts exceeded the crosstown Rams, despite the stigma in Los Angeles that the Chargers are not nearly as popular as the Rams. The Colts, with a very minimal tweak to their jerseys and logos, were the least engaged team on Twitter of the seven.