December 23, 2020

NBA Offseason: Biggest Movers on Social

SBJ Atlas
  • The NBA resumed last night after the shortest offseason in league history. Despite its brevity, the league showcased plenty of storylines that drove action on social. SportsAtlas took a look at the follower growth on Twitter and Instagram to determine the winners over the past two months.
  • The Denver Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets paced the league on Twitter, growing their follower bases by 4.3% and 4.2%, respectively. While the Nets growth increased primarily because of general excitement surrounding the team, the Denver Nuggets’ signing of Facu Campazzo, a prominent international player, catalyzed much of their growth on Twitter.
  • On Instagram, the Hornets increased their follower base by more than 10%, driven by the drafting of LaMelo Ball. In the week following the draft, the Hornets Instagram following improved by 4.3%. Ball already ranks 15th among NBA players on Instagram with more followers than Jimmy Butler, Luka Doncic, and Zion Williamson.
  • Montrezl Harrell was the greatest benefactor among tracked athletes on both Twitter and Instagram after signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Harrell’s followers ballooned by 30% and 39% on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. After remaining static from Oct. 11 through Nov. 19, his following jumped 13% on Twitter and 10% on Instagram on Nov. 20, the day he signed with the Lakers.
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Biggest Movers on Social Media