March 26, 2020

Brady’s Announcement Shakes Up the Sports World

SBJ Atlas

In mid-March, Tom Brady left the Patriots for the Buccaneers. Not since Joe Montana was traded from the 49ers to the Chiefs in 1993 has the NFL seen a QB of Tom Brady’s caliber move on from the team that drafted him. Unlike the Montana move, which sent unquantifiable shockwaves through the league, Brady’s decision is one that can be measured.  

Using Twitter data from Zoomph, Brady’s verdict set the NFL world ablaze. The news of his signing with the Buccaneers generated more than 904K engagements from March 16 to March 23. The next closest league news – the Rams release and Falcons subsequent signing of RB Todd Gurley – accumulated almost 256K in total engagements. The nine largest free agent player headlines after Brady created more than 730K, just 81% of the buzz Brady incited. When calculating the total impressions of Todd Gurley through Drew Brees in comparison to Brady’s impact, the estimated 83M they garnered was 12% less than the 95M Brady generated.