August 9, 2021

2020 Olympics: Tracking Ad Occurrences and Social Growth

2021 Olympics

According to NBC Sports Group Exec VP/Ad Sales Dan Lovinger, spending on national advertising during the Olympics exceeded $1.25B in March, and has grown leading up to the games. To keep track of this historical ad spend, SBJ Atlas and AdImpact teamed up and will report updated figures daily throughout the three-week event.

The table below shows the top 20 advertisers based on market level occurrences since the beginning of the Games.

Source: AdImpact
Dates: 7/23 – Present
  • # of Distinct Ads: Number of different ad creatives used by the advertiser
  • Market Level Occurrences: Number of times an ad aired in a singular market. (Ex: one ad airing in 50 markets = 50 Occurrences)
  • Top Ad: Creative with most market level occurrences

AdImpact (formerly Advertising Analytics) provides media companies, agencies, and platforms with ad intelligence insights that facilitate enhanced attribution, research, and other media and marketing outcomes. AdImpact provides a 360-degree view of the TV ad intelligence universe through real-time monitoring of all national broadcast TV networks, 1,100 local broadcasters, more than 80 cable TV networks, digital media advertising, and emerging coverage of advanced TV

Every four years, the Olympics provides athletes across the world the opportunity to leverage their likeness through endorsements and grow their brand on social. SBJ is actively tracking social growth across over 170 of the most recognizable athletes competing in the 2020 Olympics.

Source: AdImpact
Dates: 7/23 – Present

Note: Sorted by Instagram growth, click column headers to sort

Source: SBJ Atlas